Buying and ordering a Hutchings banjo.

A small number of “Sam’s Choice” banjos are built each year that are available to buy at Justecordes – click the link to see what they have in stock at the moment…

The current waiting list for 2022 builds is closed. The list for 2023 builds will open on the 1st August 2022 (for delivery sometime in 2023).

Take a look through my portfolio for inspiration and use the calculator to estimate the cost of a Hutchings banjo (a fixed quote will be possible at the time of ordering) …  Many more options are available as well as full custom builds – I’m happy to work with the customer on their project, so feel free to contact me to get started.

All banjos start out with the following spec: use the calculator below to design and price your own banjo !

  • Walnut block rim with integrated Moso tonering
  • Walnut neck with Moso Fretboard
  • Dowel stick (Openback) or Co-ordinator rods (Popon and Resonators)
  • No Knot tailpiece (Openback) or Hutchings cast tailpiece (Popon and Resonators)
  • Unplated brass hardware
  • Gotoh machineheads
  • Renaissance Head
  • Hutchings compensated bridge