Vintage Bluegrass Snail

This banjo has a baked maple 3/4″ blockrim with integrated MOSO tonering and a solid brass vintage style flange, resulting in classic bluegrass tone in a lightweight instrument that weighs in at only 3.9Kg

I usually build banjos with a European walnut rim that, when combined with the intergated MOSO tonering, have a warm punchy sound with extra precence in the medum frequencies – similar to a no-hole flathead tonering. The baked maple used here is brighter with a scooped middle – more like a 20 hole flathead tonering – so is ideal for musicians looking for a classic tone with plenty of growl

Classic tones and a classic look – vintage style solid brass flange, Hutchings “Snail” inlays, white plastic bindings and a burl walnut resonator

Specification :

Baked maple 3/4″ blockrim with integrated MOSO tonering

2 piece European walnut neck with MOSO fretboard and EVO gold frets

Hutchings “Snail” inlays

Solid brass flange

Aged brass hardware

Remo renaissance head

Compensated baked maple bridge

Hutchings cast tailpiece

Gotoh machine heads

Burl walnut resonator with white plastic binding